Nikhil Vettukattil


b. 1990 Bengaluru, India

Lives and works in Oslo, Norway


Kristiansand Kunsthall, Kristiansand

A Is A Guess and A Piece, Louise Dany, Oslo

Country Music, EKA Gallery, Tallinn

The Vapours, Kunstraum Kesselhaus, Bamberg


Housewarming, Le Bourgeois, London

Extended Hours, for Struktura.TimeAkademirommet, Oslo

An Analog for Listening,


Words Fail Me, Auto Italia, London

Eyecatcher III, Focal Point Gallery, Southend

The Conch, South London Gallery, London



SECURICOR, for Now, How?, DECAD, Berlin

Denying the Inflammability of the Twigs Found in the Copse This Morning

3236RLS/Le Bourgeois, London, Banner Repeater, London

Perception is Reading, Cashmere Radio, and Transmediale, Berlin


A Gift Given in Feudal Fashion, Almanac Projects, London

Dream Works, Lethaby Gallery, London

Cosmopolitan Universal Cinema, Close-Up, London

I don’t wanna curate anymore, I just wanna accumulate content, Chalton Gallery, London

Cosmopolitan Universal Cinema, Arnolfini, Bristol

Kings Cross Continental, KC Continental, London



juice, Acme Project Space, London



Image to Scale, William Road Gallery, London

You are all so tired, Swiss Institute, New York



Nothing remains of the perfectly mapped textures and the exacting reflections of the architectural rendering. In the atemporal light of a cloudy day, the images that line the construction hoarding seem to now reference an imagined past more than a prospective future. One panel features cars driving on the wrong side of the road. Another contains a gleeful pedestrian with a vanishing foot. The isomorphic repetition of the plants mirrors the copy and paste images of the occupants. The indifference of the composition reminded her of Netherlandish Proverbs, though here too the idioms seemed peculiarly obscured by time.

The birds, the birds which sound like ringtones, ringtones from a decade prior to now.

What's more, a bird is on this balcony,

it says to me:

“Grand Vals, Francesco Tárrega, Nineteen-Oh-Two”.

Silence. Another bird has begun to peck at the trail of vomit running down the stairwell. More and more of these tiny birds, pecking, chirping, Grand Vals, Francesco Tárrega, Nineteen-Oh-Two.

I wake up




on your ears

Like someone breathing

either the nearest or.png

Nikhil Vettukattil is an artist and writer based in Oslo. His practice concerns the role of representation and image-making processes in framing and remaking lived experience. Using sound, moving image and sculpture, his work often explores the ways art and cinema mediate everyday life and historical experience. Recent projects include ‘Words Fail Me’ at Auto Italia, London,  ‘Denying the Inflammability of the Twigs Found in the Copse This Morning’ at Le Bourgeois, London,  ‘Perception is Reading’ for Notes/Cashmere Radio, Berlin, ‘Either the nearest or the farthest away’ for, and ‘Cosmopolitan Universal Cinema’ at Arnolfini, Bristol and Close-Up, London.